Translation company in Lviv

Lviv (Lvov in Russian) is considered to be the western capital of Ukraine. Due to its close location to EU borders (just about 70 km from Poland) translation agencies (companies) are available in a great number. Lviv a big tourist destination and hub for transit passengers and tourists.

In Lviv a translation company (agency) provides a score of translation, interpreting and guided tours services across the city and all its region (oblast), because it’s rich in castles and natural landmarks (the Carpathians). As the city is situated very close to Poland, Polish can be considered the most popular language among Lviv translation companies and agencies. A lot of Polish businesses operate in Lviv and around Lviv region, meanwhile Lviv students go to Poland to study.

In Lviv translation companies besides translations and interpreting police clearance certificates proceeding in Lviv, apostille/legalization procedures and notarization are quite popular and as for translations price segment, sometimes it costs even cheaper than in Kiev to translate some document.