Police clearance certificate from Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Slovakia


Accordo Ukraine, member of world group Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. (Bratislava, Slovakia) is your global trustworthy partner in the area of obtaining official police clearance certificates (police records, criminal records, criminal checks) from Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and many other countries around the world.

Now it’s not required any more to come personally to some country to get your police clearance certificate (police certificate, police record). Experts from Accordo Ukraine will do all this on your behalf within 10-20 business days depending on the country of request, from USD 110. To get your police clearance certificate (police background check or certificate of good conduct) ready from Moldova, Russia, Belarus (Belorussia), Poland, Romania, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Slovakia (the Slovak Republic), etc., we should provide us with a short list of required documents (mainly soft copies), but for some countries notarized powers of attorney are mandatory (like Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan).

We offer lots of options to pay it from any country of the world: Western Union, Money Gram, Web Money or direct bank card transfers. We cooperate with all internationally recognized express courier services like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS, Pony Express, etc., so it’s not a problem to deliver you any police clearance certificate from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Kazhakhstan, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and other countries within 5-20 business days.

To get more detailed information about police clearance certificates from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan: + 38 044 383-25-36; + 38 095 143 05 95; accordointernazionale@gmail.com

Please kindly find below samples of police clearance certificates from Europe:

Police clearance certificate from Moldova

Police clearance certificate from Poland