Translation companies in Ukraine

In Ukraine translation services market now is quite competitive and busy and in the nearest future it’s going to boost even more. Nearly all Ukrainian towns can be boast of some professional translation company. Kiev/Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa and Lviv account for at least 50 translation agencies in each of the biggest cities of Ukraine.

Due to quotations on translation and interpreting it’s quite advantageous for European customers to place orders with Ukrainian translation companies, since it costs from just EUR 5 per document. At the same time, for Ukrainian translation agencies quality matters a lot like for their European counterparts. So it looks very attractive and competitive for companies, for example, from Poland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, etc. to make an order with a Ukrainian translation company.

The top list of rendered services is as follows: translation and interpreting, proofreading, notary’s certification, apostille and legalization procedure, proceeding police clearance certificates and recovery of documents. English has been the most popular language to translate among Ukrainian translation and interpreting companies for more than 20 years.