Translation company in Odessa

Odessa (Odesa) is a quite popular Ukrainian city among translation companies (agencies), legal and travel companies thanks to its unique location and recognized image of a respectable and rich city. Odessa, the southern capital of Ukraine, is home to relatives of Woopi Goldberg, David Copperfield, Sylvester Stallone, Kirk Douglas, Steven Spielberg, etc. As well, Odessa is one of the main destinations for domestic and foreign tourists in Ukraine.

Any translation company (agency) in Odessa focus on translations and interpreting for private and corporate clients, providing translations of standard, legal, technical, medical and IT texts from/into Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek, etc. Taking into consideration its special economic and business role in the life of Ukraine, legal and business texts are top-ranked in translation agencies of Odessa. 

As well, apostille/legalization stamp, notarization and police clearance certificates proceeding in Odessa and Odessa region (oblast) are requested by clients of translation companies in Odessa. Comparing translation companies of Odessa and Kiev, for example, we can say that they operate nearly in the same price segment, but apostille and consular legalization procedures there are more expensive and take more time to proceed it, since all these procedures are done in Kiev.